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Annie Ernaux

La vie extérieure

TIERNEY, Robin, « "Lived Experience at the Level of the Body" : Annie Ernaux's Journaux extimes », Substance, vol. 35, no 3 (no 111 - 2006), p. 113-130.

Type de document :

Article de revue

Résumé / commentaire :

« In her two "journals of the outside," Journal du dehors (1985-1992) and La Vie extérieure (1993-2000), Annie Ernaux composes brief, seemingly disconnected entries filled with insights gained from observing the world beyond her personal life. "I wanted to retain something of the time," Ernaux writes on the cover of Journal du dehors, "and of the people whose path I crossed only once". Frequently referred to by Michel Tournier's term "journaux extimes" (as opposed to intimes) because of their focus on the public sphere despite the format of a personal journal, Journal du dehors and La Vie extérieure record the memories of daily realities as fleeting as the crossing of a stranger's path, or the changing traffic detours produced by highway construction (LVE 99). Ernaux's desire to retain the fullness of these lived moments places her work firmly in the tradition of writers concerned with aspects of modern life that are both so mundane as to escape comment, and so profound as to provide moments of extraordinary insight ; namely, the "everyday." Attending to the ways people place groceries in the shopping cart (JDD 28) and the words they use to scold their children (LVE 10), Ernaux echoes Michel de Certeau's belief that it is the ordinary that "can reorganize the place from which discourse is produced". [...] »
(Extrait, p. 113)