Documentation critique sur les auteurs contemporains de langue française

Ying Chen

Les lettres chinoises

BOLANDER, Christopher Porter, « Neither here nor there : (De)centered Portraits of Montréal in five Texts from Québec », thèse de doctorat, College of Letters and Science, The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2008, 335 f.

Type de document :

Thèse de doctorat / mémoire de maîtrise

Résumé / commentaire :

« From the very beginning, Montréal has played a significant role in French writing of North America. While it is relatively easy to find any number of novels to support the idea of Montréal as the center of the French Canadian universe, a more interesting challenge has been to examine the ways in which writers avoid the city, sometimes even effacing a character's, and perhaps their own, montréalité in the process.

In this dissertation I examine the various roles played by Montréal--agent, setting, allegory, theme, character, trope--in a wide range of novels and short stories. I reveal how Montréal's topography serves to offset the notion of a uniform citizenry while simultaneously reinforcing class differences. I also reject the traditional rural / urban rivalry by examining texts that draw attention to a failed, romanticized view of rurality, yet highlight the fact that Montréal's urban egocentrism can be considered no less an idealized view of society. Perhaps the most valuable inquiry into the literature of Montréal found in the following chapters is the subversion of the monolithic and homogeneous image of the city by detailing individual particularities which reflect the diversity of Montréal's various neighborhoods.

Throughout this dissertation I demonstrate how four novels--Roger Viau's Au milieu, la montagne, Gabrielle Roy's Alexandre Chenevert, Arlette Cousture's Les flues [sic] de Caleb, and Ying Chen's Les lettres chinoises --all contribute to the idea of a Montréal mosaic as summarized in a fifth text--Monique Proulx's Les aurores montréales. An understanding of my analysis of these literary portraits will undoubtedly assist others who read the city and wish to interpret Montréal's past, present, and future. »
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