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 =====Documentation critique===== =====Documentation critique=====
 +ANDREWS, Chris, « Constraints,​ Poetry and Play in Jacques Roubaud'​s //Parc sauvage// », //​Australian Journal of French Studies//, vol. 49, n° 2 (mai-août 2012), p. 142-152. +++ Article de revue
 +### **Résumé**\\
 +The Oulipo has often presented its constraints as no more artificial than grammatical or generic conventions. This "​naturalization"​ has been strategically useful, but it has also obscured certain aspects of the constraints'​ functioning and blocked the way to a deeper understanding of its productivity and limits. Jacques Roubaud has recently recognized certain differences between Oulipian constraints and what he calls "​traditional constraints"​ (i.e. generic conventions). Distinguishing between constraints and conventions can help to explain the reception and uptake of the Oulipo'​s work since the 1960s. The constraint is a powerful instrument for redirecting the writer'​s attention, but perhaps it is time, as Roubaud has suggested, to qualify its importance. A reading of Roubaud'​s //Parc sauvage// (2008), focussing on the "​eodermdromes"​ it contains, shows how strict conformity to a constraint is often sacrificed to poetic or narrative effect. This is not necessarily a betrayal of Oulipian principles, for according to Roubaud the essence of the Oulipian project is not the constraint but potentiality,​ which may be realized by forms as well as by constraints.
 +[[http://​​doi/​10.3828/​AJFS.2012.12|Andrew,​ 2012, PDF]] ###
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